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More than just a FAQ ChatBot for universities: RCSA™ interacts with your institution’s business ecosystem and provides value from day one. RCSA™ gathers financial aid information, class registration, and many other items. RCSA™ gives your students an engaging customer service solution that provides the right resources at the right time.

Understands customers: Understands your customers and personalizes every interaction – regardless of when and where they engage with your institution.
Collect and analyze: Collect and analyze data to improve your service.
Machine ­learning: Human guided machine-learning engine to improve the quality and helpfulness of your ChatBot overtime.
Real-time answers: RCSA™ can use forms to gather visitor information or log in to back-end systems and provide real-time answers.

RCSA™  FAQ ChatBot for universities interacts with your customer’s questions 24/7 to access your business ecosystems in order to provide the ultimate experience for your valued customers. Our technology enables you to scale this service without the need to add personnel and is easily adaptable.

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