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Capture, classify, validate, and route all incoming communications from a single point, using RDATM Banking .

Take a competitive advantage by automating the flow of your communications and surprise your customers with incredible response times.

Improve your business processes: Automatically capturing, classifying, and extracting incoming information (e.g., documents, emails) make processes flow more efficiently. RDA ™ Banking facilitates regulatory compliance, prevents typing errors, and mitigates cyber risks.
Surprise customers with your response times: RDA ™ automatically classifies incoming information and routes it to the appropriate department for processing, achieving response times that are not possible with manual processes. Imagine the response to a credit request in 2 minutes?
Improve data quality: RDA ™ extracts the information with a high degree of precision and transfers it to the bank’s information system in a few seconds. It has integration options to external systems allowing a higher degree of data validation and inference.
Improve customer service: Automation achieved with RDA ™ reaches real channels 24/7. Eliminating manual tasks frees up a large volume of hours of your human capital that you can reallocate to provide the type of serv/ice your customers expect.

Take advantage of the benefits that Artificial Intelligence offers and increase the productivity of your processes to levels you never imagined.

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We combine state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate the implementations
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