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Are you still depending on physical documents with a remote workforce?

Paper documentation: Point of sales generate a great deal of paperwork that should be accessed by administrative personnel in order to have them processed, validated, and audited.
Logistic efforts: Permits access to these documents involves effort in logistics and transportations and generates risks of losses and delays.
Excessive costs:The traditional solution would be an ordinary document manager, but this means providing scanners in all points of sales and training personnel. This would be an excessive cost in time and money.
A different document manager: RDA™ is a different document manager that utilizes a mobile application to capture an image of the document and has the capability to typify, extract and validate information which is what makes the extraction of information very efficient.
Cloud repository: Each digital document is immediately saved into your repository on the cloud under the high standard of security where it can be accessed by all authorized users from anywhere and any device.

Take advantage of the benefits that artificial intelligence has brought and increase the productivity of your processes to levels not imagined.