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Automate your account validation process with RDA ™ healthcare and detect inconsistencies in the healthcare institution immediately. Increase productivity and reduce costs in your audit area thanks to RDA ™

Instant validation: From the scanned account, RDA ™ healthcare classifies the documents and extracts the information and then applies the validations that the healthcare institution defines to detect inconsistencies. Thanks to its classification ability, you can confirm the presence, or absence of a document.
24/7 processing: RDA ™ only requires the scanned account to execute a fully automatic operation and continues to reduce audit times.
Data quality: RDA ™ extracts information with a high degree of precision and transfers it to the healthcare institution’s information system in a few seconds, eliminating error-prone manual tasks.
Operating costs: The operating costs of your audit area will be significantly reduced, allowing employees to dedicate themselves to activities that add more value.

Take advantage of the benefits that artificial intelligence has brought and increase the productivity of your processes to levels not imagined.