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At MayaSoft we implement a testing model that guarantees the quality of the software, constantly performing reviews during the development process, as well a carrying out unit, integration and system tests, to simulate an environment of user acceptance tests, using tests of white box and black box, as necessary.  

This service is mainly aimed at customers who have their own developments and want to ensure quality and confidence in their products.


Depending on the technology which the software was developed, one can think of an automated testing process. Using some existing tools in the market, test cases are designed and an automation process is generated that can be executed, for example, every night at the end of the development day. 

It is recommended for very changing applications, susceptible to collateral damage.


Based on the documentation, the different test cases that represent the functionalities of the system are designed. The task then is to determine, if the software meets the requirements and if it does in an acceptable time.

  • It is a manual process.
  • It is recommende for non-dynamic applications.