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We have an organizational structure that specializes in the development of software under the best practices and process models available worldwide, such as CMMIDEV / 3, SCRUM and IEEE829.

For this we use flexible development methodologies that allow us to adapt our equipment and way of working to the needs of our clients. The participation of MayaSoft can begin at any point in the life cycle of a project, from the development of the initial idea to post-sales support.

To ensure the quality of our deliverables, we have specialists who perform an integral management during the development cycle.


It is a real alternative that has been consolidated in recent years and that has two major advantages:

  • Lower costs: The possibility of hiring a development group for a specific project and for a limited time instead of having its own development department inevitably reduces costs.
  • Quality in the final products: The services of highly specialized professionals are obtained because they are dedicated exclusively to software development which allows them to accumulate a lot of experience and knowledge.


The project is completely developed outside the customer’s offices. There will be no onsite resources from MayaSoft. The client interacts directly with the offshore development team. In this model, communication is of vital importance and is done via instant messaging, email or telephone.


Depending on the complexity and scope of the project, a balanced combination of onsite and off-shore resources can occur. Ideally, no more than 20% of the work should be done at the customer’s premises. The main objectives of the onsite resource are:

  • Formalize the requirements
  • Develop functional documents
  • Streamline communications