Digital transformation, is perhaps one of the most used phrases in the last three years and it is obvious that its use increased with the arrival of the pandemic. In many companies, what was once a long-term technological desire, became an immediate obligation to ensure continuity and survival in the face of competition.

This new trend has brought many experts that redound in theory, but few get to practice; practice that for Mayasoft means tangible and measurable results, otherwise the digital transformation becomes another fad that ends in disappointment and further distances companies from true digital change processes.

With that in mind, we decided to venture into the ground transportation market where we found shortcomings in several areas and decided to start with fleet tracking or monitoring because we saw a lot of room for improvement.

To this end, we developed Monitor, a platform that increases tracking productivity by up to 500% while reducing costs through the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies such as software robots and artificial intelligence.

With Monitor, companies consolidate information from all GPS used by their fleets into a single platform that automatically generates notifications and alerts, and communicates them electronically to the parties involved (controllers, load generators, etc).

Monitor has enabled companies to track 100% of vehicles without having to invest more in traffic controllers. This gives them total control, increases their ability to respond to new developments and alerts and generates greater confidence on the part of their customers.

Monitor incorporates new functionalities day after day, always focused on the needs of those involved and on a true digital transformation that generates credibility and motivates companies to continue on this path that will lead them to be more competitive and generate better results.

Sergio Estupiñan

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