BLOG AUTOMATED BPO Business Process Outsourcing is a method of outsourcing business-related operations to an external service provider that is specialized and can execute those processes in a more efficient and less expensive way. BPO has been widely used for some years now, and it has been so successful that it ended up redefining the very …


RDA™ (Document Manager)

BLOG RDA™ (Document Manager) RDA TM  offers its document manager as an additional functionality very useful for the times of teleworking and projected towards the “new normality” in which we are going to live.


BLOG RDA™ (Robotic Document Automation) RDA ™ is a solution capable of automating over 80% of repetitive tasks. This frees your team to perform higher value tasks. In addition, it allows you to become a differentiating ally with your internal and external customers.


BLOG HCCMO We are proud to announce our new membership in the Metro Orlando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. With this membership we hope to work closer to the Hispanic market in the United States and more specifically to the Central Florida area. Return